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Syfy Sets Premiere Date for New Zombie Series Z Nation


Last week Syfy announced that the very popular drama Haven would be returning on September 11th. Haven has been a Friday night show since as far back as we can remember and so, when it was announced it was moving to Thursday nights, our gut told us that was to make room for the new horror series Z Nation. Turns out our instinct was right on …

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Father Gabriel Stokes: Who Is He and What Can We Expect in Season 5 of The Walking Dead


[WARNING: Potential spoilers for both the comic book and television series] Ever since it was announced that Seth Gilliam of The Wire had been cast for Season 5 of The Walking Dead, fans have speculated that he will play the role of Father Gabriel Stokes from the comic book series.  When Deadline broke Gilliam’s casting news, the site reported that he would join the series …

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The Walking Dead Season 5: First Photo Revealed!


The Walking Dead began production for Season 5 last week, and while photos from cast members have leaked on various social media sites, the first official production photo hadn’t been released until today. At first glance, nothing seems to be interesting in the photo.  You just have a bloody Rick Grimes staring earnestly at something, which seems to be a common …

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The Walking Dead Begins Production on Season 5


Well, the time has finally arrived, folks! Production for season five of The Walking Dead officially begun, and as of Friday, the majority of the cast have returned to Georgia.  According to the Twitter accounts of TWD cast members, Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (Bob Stookey), Chad Coleman (Tyreese Goldstein), Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee), Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes), Michael Cudlitz (Sgt. …

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The Walking Dead 4.03: Isolation Review


I’ve been reviewing The Walking Dead for well over a year now, and if any of you have read my past reviews, I have consistently given the show very high marks.  However, with last night’s episode, that is about to change.  So, for the die-hard Walking Dead fans who are reading this review now, brace yourself because this review doesn’t …

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The Walking Dead: Isolation Preview [PHOTOS and VIDEO]


Everyone still reeling from last week’s super-intense episode of The Walking Dead?  I know I sure am.  Some nutjob is feeding the walkers at the prison’s fence, most of cellblock D has already been wiped out from this mysterious new virus, and to top it off, poor Tyreese is shocked to find his new love, Karen, burnt to a crisp.  …

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The Walking Dead: Infected Preview [PHOTOS and VIDEO]


It’s been five days since the Season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead, and it seems that everyone is still buzzing about it.  We have a dead pig, a bloody-eyed walker at the fence of the prison, and a very sick Patrick dead in the cellblock, bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth.  The title of episode 2 is “Infected”, and …

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First Ever WALKER STALKER CONVENTION in Atlanta, GA, November 2013

Walker Stalker Con - Zombie - Horror - Sci-fi Convention - November 1-2, 2013 Altanta, Georgia

WALKER STALKER CON, a new zombie, horror and science fiction convention will be held at America’s Mart connected to the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, GA on November 1, 2, and 3, 2013. Fan Access to Celebrity Guests Will Be The Focus! It began when The Walker Stalkers podcast with James and Eric ( reached #2 on iTunes for …

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New Zombie Movies!

Brad Pitt in World War Z

Get excited about awesome new zombie movies – I know I am!  World War Z with Brad Pitt looks like a must see.  The zombies are fast moving and pile up on each other to get to their destination – probably lunch – definitely human.  Check out the trailer: Warm Bodies is another zombie flick that is taking the next …

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Scarefest was the place to be!

Scarefest 2012

Scarefest had many recognizable paranormal researchers/tv personalities such as Destination Truth’s Josh Gates, Ghost Adventurer’s Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, several people from Ghost Hunters International, Paranormal State, and many other paranormal research teams, authors, and radio hosts.  There was even a World Premier screening of a new SyFy movie, American Horror House. You could get autographs, books, and pictures …

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