The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Juicing Needs to Die

Hi readers! Wild Tussah included EcoCult at the top of their list of the five best ethical blogs, and StyleWise put me in her top ten! Also, I wrote this guide to combatting climate change using your investment money. Not invested? Um, scuse me, you had better have some retirement funds started, at least!


Reformation considers itself fast fashion. | Refinery29

Some of the best reporting I’ve seen on Bangladesh’s fashion pollution problem. But there is hope! | Undark

Nike debuted a new recycled leather shoe. | Quartz

Timberland is trying to redevelop Haiti’s cotton agriculture to stem deforestation. | Triple Pundit

I loved this story about the town that used to process America’s leather, before it was outsourced to Bangladesh. | Undark

Next after that: “it would be just one more step in a long journey for the tanning industry, which has spent decades hopscotching across the globe, assiduously fleeing regulation and rising labor costs, and leaving long-lasting toxic footprints at each stop.” | Undark

“If you’ve ever felt that jeans that refused to accommodate your ample ass might be a little racist, well, yeah, it turns out you’re right.” | Racked


“And as news consumers increasingly seek out their own preferred sources, finding reliable expert advice becomes a choose-your-own-adventure game. Or, to use a Goop-ier word, journey.” | The Atlantic

There are places to resell your barely-used beauty products?? Amazing. | Racked


Our produce is becoming less nutritious because of carbon in the atmosphere. | Politico 

How big business got Brazil hooked on junk food. | NY Times

Good news! You paying more for fancy, single-origin coffee is actually helping African farmers! | Grub Street

Juicing needs to die.Tree Hugger


BPA-free doesn’t mean it’s non-toxic. | Undark

How to start a business that is radically transparent. | Inc. 

Big Ideas

How should the EPA deal with toxins we encounter in our every day life? | Undark

“Development” is often used to impose Western values (and environmental destruction) on the people of other countries. | Style Wise

How to debunk fake news. (Hint: It’s a lot of work.) | Pacific Standard

I think I would just like to leave civilization, now. | The New Yorker

How we can keep India from ruining the rest of the world with their air conditioning. | The Verge

Mother is an an allegory promoting eco-feminism. | Pacific Standard

End of the World

The saddest seahorse picture, ever. | The Verge

We appear to be drinking and probably eating microplastics all the time.” Does it matter? | The Guardian

Our national parks are in an existential crisis. | Undark

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