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Syfy Sets Premiere Date for New Zombie Series Z Nation


Last week Syfy announced that the very popular drama Haven would be returning on September 11th. Haven has been a Friday night show since as far back as we can remember and so, when it was announced it was moving to Thursday nights, our gut told us that was to make room for the new horror series Z Nation. Turns out our instinct was right on …

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The Walking Dead “Alone” Preview: [PHOTOS and VIDEO]


We’re five episodes into the 2nd half of season four, and miraculously, no one else has died even though every last character has been faced with one danger right after another since the fall of the prison.  But, with only four episodes left in the season, you can bet this will change soon.  In Sunday’s episode titled “Alone”, focus shifts …

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The Walking Dead “Still” Preview


With the previews that have been released for Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, it appears that a good deal of the focus will be on Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Beth (Emily Kinney).  This makes sense given that all of the episodes since the mid-season finale have concentrated on one or two groups of survivors from the prison attack. The episode …

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The Walking Dead: Infected Preview [PHOTOS and VIDEO]


It’s been five days since the Season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead, and it seems that everyone is still buzzing about it.  We have a dead pig, a bloody-eyed walker at the fence of the prison, and a very sick Patrick dead in the cellblock, bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth.  The title of episode 2 is “Infected”, and …

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Season 7 of The Walking Dead is back in October!