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The Walking Dead 4.14 The Grove Review


The last five episodes of The Walking Dead in my opinion have been an act of genius by the writers. First, they provided much-needed character development for some on the show who we barely knew existed, let alone had any clues on their backstory. Second, the perceived slowness in the last few episodes have made everyone comfortable, thus allowing their guard to …

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The Walking Dead “Alone” Review


The preview for tonight’s The Walking Dead was quite misleading, was it not? No one of any consequence has died since the mid-season finale, which I think may be a record for The Walking Dead, and I’m sure those who favor action-packed, zombie-attacking sequences may be getting tired of this pattern. “Alone” basically continued its character development spree, but focusing on two other …

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The Walking Dead “Alone” Preview: [PHOTOS and VIDEO]


We’re five episodes into the 2nd half of season four, and miraculously, no one else has died even though every last character has been faced with one danger right after another since the fall of the prison.  But, with only four episodes left in the season, you can bet this will change soon.  In Sunday’s episode titled “Alone”, focus shifts …

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The Walking Dead “Still” Review

TheWalkingDeadStill2 Small

I have to admit when I read the synopsis for tonight’s episode, I immediately got a sinking feeling in my stomach. As most people know, I love The Walking Dead, and I hate to see any episode that is less than a A+. But, I’m sorry, the description initially made it sound like it was going to be a real …

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The Walking Dead “Still” Preview


With the previews that have been released for Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, it appears that a good deal of the focus will be on Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Beth (Emily Kinney).  This makes sense given that all of the episodes since the mid-season finale have concentrated on one or two groups of survivors from the prison attack. The episode …

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The Walking Dead “Claimed” Review

TheWalkingDeadClaimed6 Small

Last week’s episode was a tough act to follow.  We learned Judith is still alive, Carol (Melissa McBride) is back in the picture, and then, how can we forget that super-creepy scene of Lizzie zoned out and trying to smother Judith.  Oh, and the very best part – three major characters from the comics make their big entrance at the …

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The Walking Dead Season Premiere: 30 Days Without An Accident


If there ever was an ominous title for an episode, “30 Days Without An Accident” would definitely be it.  Just from the title alone, you know there are going to be some major human casualties.  As it turns out, that is an understatement because not only did we lose some characters, we got a glimpse into this new “threat” that …

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Three Pivotal Characters Cast In The Walking Dead


It was just announced earlier that Southland’s Michael Cudlitz had been cast as Sgt. Abraham Ford in Season 4 of The Walking Dead.  However, if you know anything about the comic book series, you could guess that 2 additional characters probably wouldn’t be far behind. In the comics, most of the time Sgt. Ford could be found in the company of two other …

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Southland’s Michael Cudlitz Joins The Walking Dead


Southland may have been cancelled, but for those loyal fans out there, one of the main stars can now be seen on the ever-popular The Walking Dead on AMC. Michael Cudlitz, who played Officer John Cooper, will join the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead sometime in Season 4, the exact time not known as of yet.  He will portray one of the best known …

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Season 7 of The Walking Dead is back in October!