Three Pivotal Characters Cast In The Walking Dead

Three Pivotal Characters Cast In The Walking Dead


It was just announced earlier that Southland’s Michael Cudlitz had been cast as Sgt. Abraham Ford in Season 4 of The Walking Dead.  However, if you know anything about the comic book series, you could guess that 2 additional characters probably wouldn’t be far behind.


In the comics, most of the time Sgt. Ford could be found in the company of two other characters, Dr. Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinoza.  And, sure enough, announcements have just been made on the casting of these characters.  Dr. Eugene Porter will be portrayed by Retired at 35 alum Josh McDermitt, and Rosita will be played by Twilight’s Christian Serratos.   The trio crosses paths with Rick as they are making their way to Washington.



Ever since Milton Mamet was introduced in Season 3, I had always thought that Rick’s group was in dire need of some kind of  “scientist” type who could make things to help the group survive.  Unfortunately, Milton met an untimely end in the finale, but the series quickly runs up to replace him with the introduction of Porter.  Dr. Porter is a geeky type who originally tries to hide from the group how much he knows, including how the zombie outbreak began in the first place.  However, he ultimately ends up as a key player on Rick’s team who provides invaluable skills like making much-needed ammunition.

Sgt. Ford starts out as a married man, with a wife and two children.  His entire family is eventually killed by walkers and turn, and just like so many other characters, the emotional impact is huge.  It is also said that Ford steps up as Rick’s new right-hand man after a key character is killed in battle.  When I heard that, a chill ran down my spine.  Both Daryl and Glenn have been Rick’s second-in-command at various times in the series.  Will the writers make a bold move of killing off their most popular character, Daryl Dixon?  Most people have said that that would never happen.  However, with The Walking Dead and the big surprises the writers have thrown at us over the past couple of seasons, we should know by now to never say never.

Either way, it sounds like the season is going to be one that you definitely won’t want to miss.  Season four of The Walking Dead premieres tonight at 9/8c on AMC.


Season 7 of The Walking Dead is back in October!